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Liferay is leading digital experience, deliver a tailored solution for your challenges on a flexible, integrated digital experience platform.

  • Liferay DXP – Liferay DXP is designed to work within your existing business processes and technologies to build a custom solution that uniquely meets your needs.

  • Liferay commerce – Grow your business with an experience-led digital commerce platform that puts B2B first.

  • Liferay Analytics Cloud – Enhance your digital marketing with analytics that aggregate and visualize customer profile data and marketing asset performance for deep insights.

  • Liferay DXP Cloud – Launch your website with a secure, reliable PaaS solution that provides autoscaling, development tools, environments, monitoring and much more, all designed with years of in-house Liferay expertise.


Atlassian offer suit of software for team collaboration, deployment, project management and wiki etc.

  • Jira – Create user stories and issues, plan sprints, and distribute tasks across your software team, Prioritize and discuss your team’s work in full context with complete visibility.
  • Service desk – Jira Service Desk is a flexible, collaborative ITSM solution built for rapid service delivery.

  • Confluence – confluence mean Collective knowledge, Move work forward with inspiring project plan and collective participation.

  • Bamboo – Bamboo enables you to continuous integration, deployment, and delivery.


Power your customers with powerful mobile solution, crafted for your business needs, powered by latest technologies and user experience.

  • React js – React JS and React native give you flexibility of hybrid and performance of native app. We at componence craft solution according to your business needs.
  • Xamarin – Free. Cross-platform. Open source. An app platform for building Android and iOS apps with .NET and C#.
  • Liferay Screenlets – Liferay Screens includes several Screenlets that you can use in your mobile apps. Screenlets are ready-to-use components that contain a complete UI and the code necessary to call Liferay DXP’s remote services for tasks like logging in, displaying portal content, submitting forms, and much more. Powered by Liferay.


DevOps is a set of practices that help to automate and integrate the processes between software development and IT teams, so they can build, test, release software faster, maintain quality and reduce risk.

  • Continuous feedback – Jira service desk

  • Plan – Atlassian Jira

  • Build – Bitbucket, Jira
  • Continuous integration and deployment – Bitbucket, Jira

E-commerce solution

E-commerce way of business these days, if you want to expand your business, if you want to reach more and more people, if you want to optimize your business operations, e-commerce is for you.

  • Liferay commerce – Grow your business with an experience-led digital commerce platform powered by Liferay.

  • Magento – Magento offer out-of-the-box features, an unrivaled ability to customize, and seamless third-party integrations. With our eCommerce platforms, a global ecosystem of implementation partners, and a vast marketplace of extensions, it’s time to bring your commerce vision to life.

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