Kluwer offers job-specific information to professionals in the fiscal, finance, legal, business, and public sector.


Kluwer offers job-specific information to professionals in the fiscal, finance, legal, business, and public sector. As the largest online publisher and information provider in the Netherlands, Kluwer increasingly delivers this data through communities, portals, online databases, e-publishing, software, and applications. Customers have access to professional platforms, where their expertise is being gathered, shared, and exchanged. Kluwer is part of Wolters Kluwer, a leading global provider of information services. 

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Kluwer's main objective is to extend the kluwer.nl site, providing information on their product ranges and organisation, as well as improving customer support through listing frequently asked questions (FAQ's). This website should also facilitate access to the network of other Kluwer sites, presenting these as an entity while allowing the customer to search various systems, resulting in more transparency and less upkeep for Kluwer. The site's performance should be excellent throughout.

Kluwer Liferay Portals


Due to its operational simplicity, generic functionality, cost efficiency, and low maintenance, Kluwer believes Liferay Portal to be an ideal platform for the development of web portals. Liferay Portal offers a versatile base for future solutions, effortlessly adaptable to the client's continually changing demands and requirements. Componence specialises in web portals and e-commerce solutions, and is selected by Kluwer as preferred supplier. Working in partnership with Kluwer, Componence realises an integrated solution. When requesting the site, the customer is directed to a page offering dynamic navigation between the different page features, and an extensive search option. The existing Elastic Path web shop is seamlessly merged into the new portal. In order to improve customer service, Componence extends the existing web form portlet, requesting addresses through postcode validation and adding the option to send attachments, after which one of Kluwer back office systems will complete the transfer process. Componence also develops a portlet selecting FAQ's from the Trinicom customer contact system, providing customers with a quick answer to most of their questions. Another integrated solution proving advantageous to Kluwer in many ways. The implementation of the site is divided into a number of phases, with professionals at both Kluwer and Componence being actively involved in the project. This combined teamwork ensures a successful short-term decision making process, and at the end of every phase, those involved will receive a full update on the progress through a live demo. Liferay Portal is a versatile platform specifically designed to suit modular system development, which matches perfectly with the Scrum based project management approach. The result is a brand new site meeting all of Kluwer's demands and their customers' requirements. As well as a strongly improved performance, the portal offers more availability and needs less upkeep than the old solution, contributing to a substantially larger turnover immediately after its release. URL: www.kluwer.nl