"The project was highly successful. Thanks to the successful co-operation with Componence and because of the many features and flexibility of Liferay Portal the result exceeded our expectations. The new website has become an important showcase for Dunea and we are rightly proud of that." -Sabine van Kessel-Slats, digital communications consultant, Dunea


Dunea (formerly Duinwaterbedrijf Zuid-Holland) manufactures reliable drinking-water and supplies this to their approximately 1.2 million customers based in the western part of South Holland. They also receive one million holidaymakers every year in the beautiful dune and coastal area between Katwijk Monster where they manage and safeguard the drinking-water.

Clean drinking-water, rest and space in the urban conglomeration form the basis for a good life. Dunea is always looking for (innovative) solutions and opportunities for water as well as nature.

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Dunea's website has both a service and an informative function. The customer for example can visit the site directly to fill out on-line their water-meter readings and/or to register for a dune excursion. In addition to that Dunea will be using the website to build a relationship with its (potential) customers and quickly be able to inform the customers about any emergencies in the water network.

Dunea had an outdated content management system (CMS) which basically was merely published static content. The above-mentioned ambitious targets could not be achieved with such system. In addition, the old design of the website no longer fitted the present-day image of our organization. High time therefore to renew the website of Dunea!

The objective of the project was to develop a dynamic yet transparent website based on existing content. For Dunea it was in addition also important to make the site easy to manage, for example, to be able to quickly react to current events.

With a list of requirements Dunea started looking for a new CMS.


In evaluating various solutions Liferay Portal came forward as the best solution for Dunea. Besides the high valuation by Gartner, the easy of use of the scalable CMS and its wealthy out-of-the-box functionality have been decisive in making this choice for Liferay. Together with Liferay experts Componence realized the new portal in a few months' time. As a project approach to implementation SCRUM has been used. The Liferay CMS is ideal for this method because Liferay is versatile in functionality. The new portal was delivered within time and budget limits. The ultimate result is a new portal that meets the vision of Dunea. The new website is a superb business card to the customer. Dunea discloses relevant information in an accessible way. The service has improved considerably with the launch of the new website. The foundation is thus laid. In the future, Dunea will expand the new portal to include the possibility of personalization, mobile accessibility, sub-sites and further integration with social media for example.