Who we are

Since its foundation in 2003, Componence has rapidly grown into one of the most successful software development companies of the Jaipur Rajasthan (India) and has been associated with portal development since its inception. With a team of adept developers, it provides cost effective and ingenious solutions based on open standards. It's an emerging team of young enthusiast's professionals with vast experience in customizing the portal to divergent software requirements.

Reusable software components and offshore /nearshore development are our trademarks.

Off-shoring partners as well as onsite consultants, Componence provides its expertise befitting project needs.

Being Gold Certified Partner with Liferay and Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, we provide reliability & assurance to not only our existing but prospective clients also.

Among other things, we provide SOA / portal system integration services using our own offshoring and partner network of over 100 professionals in various countries such as Ukraine, Germany, The United States, Poland, India and Romania.

The Componence way

Our beliefs

Componence is built around the strong belief in the reusability of software. Recycling to save the planet is all the rage these days, well, at Componence, we like to do our bit for mankind! Reusing components of software for different IT-projects is a cost effective and innovative way to create solutions that render better results for our clients at the lowest possible cost.

Our goal is to be a reliable and specialized partner for any Enterprise client to implement a successful internet strategy with full service portals through our Products and Services.

Our products always represent the trends that have successfully proven their worth in the online consumer social networking domain and are increasingly offered on more and more enterprise portal platforms. At the same time our products continuously become more configurable, allowing the Marketing and Business units to become the drivers of complex portal projects.

Our people are proud professionals who enjoy their work and understand that their possibilities within Componence are virtually unlimited as there are no standard career paths within Componence. The key lies in a true individual approach of any team member who is willing to develop their personal skills to continuously deliver more values and results for our organization, in doing so deserving the commitment of the management to support their personal development.

Our price tag is kept competitively low because we are the Enterprise 2.0 organization, allowing us to service our customers with dedicated consultants across the world. We are always on the lookout for new possibilities to improve our collaboration internally and externally. Keeping our prices between 10-40% below market prices is our contribution to our customers, allowing our clients to get more intrinsic results from their budgets.

Our services are specialized to implement user friendly and interactive portal and integration projects with ease of use for any internet user. We use right shoring for all our projects, which means we match the required competences to the best available teams across our network. Most of our projects are performed by 3 or 4 teams. 


Our network with offices in The Netherlands, Ukraine and India shows that the tight labour market for IT specialists poses no threats for us as our people are believers and pioneers in international co-operation. Surely but steadily, we will have our 24-hour delivery network to offer fast implementation services for all our clients.

Componence is ISO 9001-2008 certified

ISO 9001-2008 Certified Organization.

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