Search-Engine Advertising (SEA)

SEA: focus on your target

The search engine has become an important medium for your business, product or service with text ads targeted to bring to the attention of your target group. You must know exactly what information your audience is looking for. Componence like to investigate this for you. So you can place an appealing message next to the relevant terms. Using eg Google AdWords or Marketplace Admarkt

Objectives AdWords campaign

What do you want to achieve with search engine advertising (SEA)? That brings the Componence certified card for you during a personal interview with our Google AdWords consultant. Together You determine the objectives for your ad campaign, for example:

  • a specific message out to your target audience
  • increase the reach of your website and attract more visitors
    generate leads
  • gain more insight into your target
  • Optimization of your website

Optimization of your website

The quality of your website determines the success of your Google AdWords campaign. Componence can assist you with advice to improve. Return your site service Our consultants are experts in the field of conversion optimization and interaction design.