Project approach

Flexible and interactive


Componence combines the flexibility of agile project-management and the controlled-communication principles of Prince2. Depending on your requirements we adopt an approach that suits your project. We either appoint a dedicated project-team, or our professionals will join the developer's team within your own organisation.

Agile project management


‘Agile' literally means ‘quick and well-coordinated in movement'. An agile project approach enables us to swiftly adapt to changing circumstances and, in close conjunction with our customer, respond quickly to new ideas and changing demands.

Well-defined development cycles


We will divide your project into well-defined development cycles (iterations) lasting from one to four weeks, each with a clear objective. After each cycle, we will demonstrate our solution, enabling you to track the progress of the project and keep tight control over your budget. Any adjustment to the objective will be implemented during the next cycle.



Componence likes to work with you. Your direct involvement is crucial to delivering a tailored solution which fully meets your expectations, allowing you to keep costs to a minimum. As part of your company's agile team, our professionals work face-to-face with your developers, taking the project to a higher level.

Scrum and Kanban


Our iterative project approach contains elements of agile development frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban, allowing our multifaceted teams to develop a shared vision. For fully customised or copied designs, we use the traditional waterfall model.

Advantages of our approach


  • An agile method tailored to your project.
  • After each cycle we will deliver a demonstration of the delivered solution.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changed requirements between iterations.
  • Clarity on the progress of your project and insight in the costs involved.
  • Your close involvement enables you to adjust when necessary.
  • Dynamic, multifaceted, goal-oriented project teams.