User Export Import Liferay Plugin

This is a control panel liferay plugin you can use to export portal users in lar format file and import them into another portal. This plugin is placed under ‘Users' section in form of "User Export Import" portlet

User Export Import Liferay Plugin



This plugin provides an option to export and import users across different Liferay portals.
This works on core Liferay lar (Liferay Archive) concept.
In Liferay currently we can export import individual sites data but not users (liferay provides out of box csv export of users but in general this seems not enough) and this is many times a requirement in various project phases to copy the existing users from one env to other (for example test to acceptance or acceptance to production etc).
Using this plugin, you will simply get the powerful feature to do this export import of users across different Liferay portals. This plugin provides you easy to use and easy to understand GUI with powerful features to attain this functionality.
Similar to Liferay Sites data export import features, this plugin maintains the duplicate/existing users based on email, screenname and the uuid. So if you have the same users already existing, it will just override the data and will not create duplicate.


Key features

User export import across different liferay portals/instances

  • For exporting users can be filtered on the basis of organizations, roles, site members, user groups
  • Apart from general data of user, its custom fields, roles, categories, tags, user group associations, organization associations, site associations can be exported
  • Based on standard Liferay Archive feature (LAR)
  • During import, welcome email sending to newly created users can be switched on or off
  • During import it can be configured to either only import associations of categories, tags, custom fields, roles or also create the same if does not exist in the portal where importing
  • Using liferay out of box background process for export import
  • Provides summary of previous exports and imports detail

How to use?


The portlet works on Liferay 6.2 EE GA 1. Download the plugin from the Liferay Marketplace and deploy. Once deployment is complete you can go ahead for user export import. The user export import functionality can be found within the control Panel > User Export Import page. Below is a screenshot of the plugin when it is deployed on server:


Export Users

New Export

Select filters:3


what users you want to Export like all users or specific users associated with any Organizations, Sites, Roles or User groups, Number of  Organizations, Sites, Roles or User groups can be select. The selection of filter page looks as follows:

Choose export contents:

 what content of users should be exported like users custom fields, categories, tags, roles, user group associations, organization associations, site associations (organizations, sites and user groups are only associated and not created on the portal where importing). The setting export content page looks as follows:


Click ‘Export' button. 


It redirect to current and previous tab where user can see status of export process and download lar file having users and their contents according to selections made during export process. This file can be used in import process at other liferay portal or instance. 



Current and Previous

Under this tab user/admin can see all previous and current export process detail with related LAR file. User can download lar file, check status of export process and delete history. The current and previous page looks as follows:

Import Users

Drop user export import lar file:

Identify lar file which contains users and related contents (Lar file should be created by using Export process of this plugin). Drop the lar file in upload box. The user import page looks as follows:

Chose all associations and creation:

Choose all associations and creation checkboxes as per requirements. The user import association and creation page looks as follows:

Choose password strategy for newly imported users:
Password strategy will apply only on newly created users during import process, existing users credential will remain same as previous.
⦁    Set exported password:
     User login password will be same as in export portal environment.
⦁    Generate new password and send credential email:
     User login password will be send to user by email (liferay default welcome email will be send to user's registered email)

Click ‘Import' button.

 It will create new portal Users and update existing portal Users with new values and associations  and redirect to current and previous tab where user can see status of Import process.