Liferay enterprise edition

Service and support

With a Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition license you are guaranteed of a long term stability of professionally supported software. Componence will take care of redundancy, failover and load balancing methods, ensuring maximum uptime of your Liferay based solution. As Liferay Gold Partner in India, Componence is able to offer licenses at a competitive price. 

Maximum security and stability

Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition combines the benefits of open source innovation with low risk and optimal stability. As a Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition license holder you will benefit from security patches made available through regular service packs on the customer network, ensuring the highest level of security and reliability.

Optimal performance

Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition will ensure an optimal performance of your system. Extensive trials on large application servers and databases have shown excellent efficiency under heavy load. Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition has been specially configured to meet the speed and scalability demands of large enterprises.

Exclusive functionality

As a license holder you have access to exclusive Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition features through the Liferay Marketplace:

  • Audit hook
  • Audit portlet
  • CAS
  • Jasper Reports Web
  • ClusterLink  (Liferay Enterprise Clustering)
  • Kaleo Designer
  • Kaleo Form
  • Kaleo Web
  • Server Manager Web
  • Reports Portlet

Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition -


Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Application Open source, development, evaluation Business production environment
Developer tools Eclipse IDE Plugin Liferay Developer Studio
Applications, widgets and portlets 60+: content management, collaboration, social networking amongst others...
Exclusive enterprise plug-ins No Yes
Complete product documentation Yes Yes
Open source innovation Yes Yes
Access to source code Yes Yes
Injunctive Relief No Yes
Test cycles Feature quality Enterprise / production quality
Performance and security tests at enterprise level No Yes
Notifications about updates No Yes
Patch updates No Yes
Consolidated servicepacks No Yes
Emergency hot fixes   Gold
Self service customer portal No Yes
Web based support   24 x 7 – response 1 working day
Support by phone   24 x 7 – response 1 hour


Additional features


Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Performance monitoring  No Yes
Analytics  No Yes
Auditing  No Yes
Rules engine untegratie No Yes
Advanced cluster communication No Yes
Jasper report engine integration No Yes
Liferay Terracotta Edition No Yes
Improved cache replication No Yes
Liferay Tcat Server Edition No Yes
Liferay Identity Pack No Yes
Liferay Sync Mobile App No Yes
Workflow Designer No Yes
Liferay Workflow Forms No Yes