CTI integration with Liferay

Where we handle CTI events and manage call recording through liferay as the user platform.

Salesforce integration(SSO with SAML 2.0)

With salesforce acting as a service provider and Liferay authenticating users from salesforce. This setup helps customers who already have their client base and applications with salesforce as the base.

Business Intelligence (BI) portal

These are special cases of Liferay implementation where Business Intelligence is the key of portal builds. Users have there own classified advertisements on the portal and add to it the capability of searching these adverts on the basis of nearby location with postal codes.This inturn helps revenue generation for company placing the advert as well as product owners.

Shopping portals with Elastic path and magento

Our implementation is a unique composition of Liferay portal and Magento webshop that provided client to use the best of these technologies. These individual framework are leaders in their market quadrant and provides flexibility of having a blend of technologies to meet the requirement in the most cost efficient way.

Innovation in enriching Liferay experience

We are constantly working in the direcection of  enriching liferay experince of users . Adding to it the missing bits and pieces. Learned from experiences and requirements research ; we have developed inhouse plugins for Liferay portal , which tend to server the  some of the basic need of Liferay portal  such as have the  plugin to send newsletters , newsflash to users and online support consultancy.

A step ahead

Always keeping us updated with what's new, we are active members in Liferay's test releases and upcoming products. This in turn helps our customers make a wise decision on building their portals.