Search Engine Optimization

Friendly URL's

Friendly URL'S constitute an important consideration when choosing a portal solution. Acquiring more data traffic on the public view of the portal is essential to organizations that consider reveneu generation through Google Ad-words, Googls ads. 

Friendly URL's that contain the content's title and words that are deemed important for higher page ranks are generated at runtime whenever any new piece of content is added to the portal and chosen to be rendered on a public page.

URL's are of the form : http://www.<domain-name>/title-of-article-id.html are generated at runtime so search engines index the pages and show in results based on the article title that contains the most important keywords in the content.

Similar implmenation is made available for Blog posts. Where they are also differentiated by including the bloggers name in the URL's. Eg. ttp://www.<domain-name>/author-name/title-of-blog-id.html

Runtime dynamic generation of Meta keyword and Meta data

Dynamially generate the Meta-keywords / Meta-description for pages which have content on it.

For content centric portal implementation which display pages showing various articles and content realted information, Componece provided implementation to generate the keywords that are importation from SEO perspective and let search engines rank the pages more efficiently. Each page's content is read and meta keywords and description is generated while rendering the page. This helped customers get rid of the need to configure such SEO data for each page.


Logistics / Analytics for marketing analysis of portal traffic

  • Integration of google analytics on the basis of whole portal / per page / per article
  • Customization of Google Analytics and usage of API to capture the events and send to Google
  • Event Tracking : Event based mechanism of click on elements of page (eg. hide / show of certain elements, click / submission of forms) 
  • Implementation to capture the user's behaviour on choices given on forms, download links etc. to facilitate marketing analysis and increase usability of the portal
  • Integration with third party API for analytics tracking