Successful Intranet Congress 2013 Componence

On March 19, the fifth Congress took place in the intranet Polar Hall Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Theme of this year was Communities and the Digital Workplace. Componence sponsored this crowded event and received the Componence mode both familiar and new customers.

Liferay Portal and Social Office

Componence attracted attention with a large 70 inch screen which cases were shown of innovative solutions based on Liferay products. Communication Professionals including colleges, universities and publishers visited the Componence mode with questions about Liferay Portal and Social Office 2.0, the new Liferay environment for targeted communication and collaboration within teams. There was also the opportunity to attend a live demonstration.

Student Portal Radboud University Nijmegen

Developed in close collaboration with Componence portal infrastructure of the Radboud University Nijmegen was also in the spotlight. Jeroen Buijs, Head of Internet communications RU, presented at the request of sponsor a case study on the successful student portal of the university, which now use all 19,000 students. He also gave a picture of the employee portal that the RU is currently realizing with Componence.

Annual intranet update

Congress Intranet offered this year an update for anyone who is professionally involved in intranet and employee portals. On the program of the 2013 edition were next inspiration sessions with prominent speakers also several presentations of case studies by Dutch and international organizations. Intranet conference was organized by Entopic, Office web editing, social media and online marketing.

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