Innovative E-Commerce Solutions

The growing need of providing e-commerce capabilities to portal has become an impotant consideration for enterprises. Wether it be a news portal or companies involved in publishing media, the ability to allure the existing customer for buying the products though portal provides an advantage over acquiring new customers.

Following the same idea we at Componence provide custom features to integrate existing webshop solutions as well as innovative new portlets for Liferay to achive e-commmerce capbilities.

Magento and Liferay

Both of these are market leaders in there respective field. Where Magento provide a feature rich webshop capabilities, Liferay is portal that has it all. At time when enterprises want to integrate there existing Magento webshops with Liferay portal, so that they maintain there user base and can introduce ecommerce capbilites.

Integration with Magneto webshop

Componence provided a solution to achive selling products and services to existing user base. This user base is maintained by Liferay and products and services existing in Mangeto webshop.

Authenticated users can be provided with products and services based on there preferences and page history. This introduses the concept of preferencial shopping experience to users.

Innovative Magento portlets

Our in house production of Magento portlets following JSR-286 specification. These portlets are a good example of integration existing leading solution in cross domain technology.

Magento Admin Portlet


Magento Admin Portlet facilitate admin user to configure Magento Web Shop URL and API user name and API user password .These credentials are used to connect Magento web shop through Web Services.

Magento Catalog Portlet


Magento catalog portlet lists the catalog products and displays the catalog product in the detail. While viewing the product in detail, product can be added to shopping cart. Magento portlet configuration settings provide following useful features.

  1. Catalog products list and detail templates configuration which provide the facility to use the same portlet for different look and feel for catalog products.

  2. Products list can be filtered by various product attributes like size ,color and product categories.

  3. Specific products can be listed.

  4. A single product can be displayed in detail view .

Magento Search Portlet


Magento search portlet search the products on the various product attributes that are configured in Magento Web shop. Products list can be filtered by various product attributes like size, color and product categories.

Magento Shopping Cart Portlet

Magento shopping cart portlet show the list of products that are added to the shopping cart which is is synchronized with shopping cart on magento web shop. If the same user checks the shopping cart at magento web shop site , he will see the same list of products in the shopping cart. So when a user check out shopping cart on liferay site he will be redirected to Magento Web Shop for payment procedure.

Liferay's shopping portlet customization

Componence provided various customized solutions for existing liferay's shopping portlets. Added  capabilities for :

  • Generating PDF based invoices and receipts

  • Tickets for events

  • Integration with new payment gateways (IDEAL)