E-Learning is any learning that utilizes electronics devices like computer/PDA/Mobile and/or utilizes a network (LAN, WAN or Internet) for delivery, interaction, or facilitation. It can be synchronous, asynchronous, instructor-led or computer-based or a combination. E-learning is broadly inclusive of all forms of educational technology in learning and teaching. E-learning is inclusive of, and is broadly synonymous with multimedia learningtechnology-enhanced learning (TEL), computer-based instruction (CBI), computer-based training (CBT), computer-assisted instruction or computer-aided instruction (CAI), internet-based training (IBT), web-based training(WBT), online educationvirtual educationvirtual learning environments (VLE) (which are also called learning platforms), m-learning, and digital educational collaboration. These alternative names emphasize a particular aspect, component or delivery method.

Componence has in-depth e-Learning domain expertise & provides custom e-Learning software solutions & e-learning software product development for both classroom education & workplace training. Experienced in creating, customizing and integrating a large number of open-source e-learning platforms and solutions, we provide you with unique, custom software saving your time and simplifying management of diverse training programs.

Our successful E-learning software project includes:

OLT (Online learning tool)

OLT is proposed to be a web application that would provide users with various courses to learn. It would be an interactive and educative website where users and faculty would log in and exchange exercises on regular basis. Completing particular course in given duration will enhance user's position and package in the company or community.