Education industry is one of the key domains in which Componence has gained valuable expertise. This rich experience has enabled us to isolate specific issues the industry faces and helped to build unique solutions. Our high-quality, yet affordable solutions are designed to unite education, technology, and fun.

Our successful Education software project includes:


APS is a leading education consultancy in the field of learning, education design, development and school leadership. Through advice, training, coaching and project we work with teachers and managers to sustainable innovation. Our approach is inspired by scientific knowledge, participation in innovation and experience in everyday practice. APS advises and supports education professionals and authorities, offering customized solutions to schools, governments and private parties, both in The Netherlands and internationally.

APS offers concepts and practical theories about education, general didactics and management, leading to powerful learning methods. In addition, APS conducts research providing new insights about the process of learning and teaching, and managing educational organizations.

APS provides consultancy services, support, training and research, based on their extensive experience and accumulated knowledge of effective learning and tuition strategies, developing their theories while reflecting the current school practice.

Radboud University

Radboud University Nijmegen is an internationally oriented, broad-based university, delivering excellent quality of education and research, and stimulating knowledge exchange between academics globally by forging cooperative links across disciplines.

The University has also fostered strong links between education and researchcreating a community of academic learning in which students can become independent thinkers. One of our distinguishing hallmarks is our emphasis on interdisciplinarity. The current size of the University and its academic breadth provide the conditions for interdisciplinary co-operation.

Radboud University Nijmegen consists of 7 faculties offering 40 Bachelor's and 64 Master's degree programmes, as well as seventeen teaching courses. The university has excellent facilities, such as state of the art research laboratories and a knowledge and technology transfer office.

APS - Onderwijs Anders NU

Leading education consultancy firm APS (National Centre for School Improvement) advises and supports tutors and education authorities, offering personalized solutions to schools, governments, and private parties.

Based on their extensive experience and accumulated knowledge of effective learning strategies and education, APS provides consultancy-services, support, training, and evaluation assignments, nationwide as well as internationally.

Their core purpose is to develop helpful instruction methods for learners, tutors and school boards, assisting their customers in designing best possible conditions for their ideal work- and learning-environment.