Van Nature

On growers are enabled to share high quality data. Componence maintains this Liferay Portal implementation and supports Van Nature with new development and realisation of innovative ideas. is on 1 March 2012 fused with Best Growers Benelux into growers cooperation Van Nature.

Van Nature

Van Nature B.V. is a unique cooperation between three sales organisations and a large number of Dutch growers of soft fruit and vegetables, providing fresh produce daily to the domestic as well as export markets, satisfying consumers' demands for top-quality products through sustainable partnership.

The three participating retail organisations work exclusively with members of the Growers Cooperation, who provide their goods to Van Nature, benefitting from collective initiatives such as group purchasing.

Van Nature places the highest priority on quality of produce, imposing strict standards on the products as well as their partners, always looking for new ways to maintain a top level of excellence.

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In 2008, the Van Nature site was based on a JD Edwards application, which involved steep license fees. Whilst Van Nature was using only a fraction of the available software, they proposed to replace this application with a solution based on ERP-package Freshware.

The new site was required to be tailored towards the needs of a diverse group of users, including growers, traders, distributors, inspectors, and employees at Van Nature.

Van Nature recommended the redesign of the Supply Estimate, Supply Letters, and Supply Reports modules, and to also improve the information flow through news updates, E-mail, and sms, as well as make available all market related price details and reports.


The new site should promote Van Nature B.V. as a progressive organisation, providing for the current needs of a demanding user. Van Nature's constant striving for sustainable quality improvement should be highlighted as well. Van Nature announced Liferay Portal as the best solution for their new site, based on the extensive role-based authorisation options and broad standard functionality. As an open source platform, Liferay Portal allows for flexible implementation and is a versatile base for any future customisation. Working closely with the professionals at Van Nature, Componence designed a graphic interface, supporting both starters as well as more advanced users with the input of first rate details and the supply of relevant information. The UNIMS database of Van Nature is unlocked through an application which is based on three-tier architecture. The front-end is driven by AJAX, based on JavaServer Faces technology, and a Pentaho Reporting interface is implemented for interactive report creation, as well as a customised portlet providing extensive adjusting options. Componence takes full maintenance responsibility and supports Van Nature throughout the development of further enhancements, resulting in ongoing innovations and modifications to the site.