Springer Science+Business Media is very pleased with the completion of SpringerPre, a Liferay Portal 6.1 Early Adopter project by Componence.


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Springer Science+Business Media were looking for a partner to develop SpringerPre, a new website based on Liferay Portal, allowing scientific authors to upload their manuscripts and enabling fellow scientists to download the documents and leave feedback. 

Readers' comments should determine the further development and potential publication of the manuscript, and after review a Springer editor should assign either an ‘accepted-in production / published' status or, incase of an unsuitable text, a ‘rejected / removed' label.

Springer aimed to use the Liferay Portal standard functionalities to their full potential, and simultaneously introduce a new corporate identity. The new site had to be completed within an absolute deadline of 10 weeks.

If the project were to be completed satisfactorily, Springer Science+Business Media would consider Liferay Portal as a future technical solution for their main website springer.com.


Componence, the specialist in Liferay Portal implementations, was selected to develop a cost-efficient solution meeting all Springers demands and wishes. The Liferay Portal 6.1 Enterprise Edition turned out to be most suitable for this project, but was yet to be released, so Componence decided to base SpringerPre on the Community Edition 6.1 GA1, and to migrate to Liferay Portal 6.1 Enterprise Edition after the site had gone live. Componence adapted the Liferay Portal standard functionalities where necessary to meet the specific requirements for SpringerPre, which included the CMS_input and workflow, the generic display page, and comments and search options. Componence also created a further series of customised solutions such as a single sign-on (SSO) from springer.com and access to manuscripts through ‘last published' and ‘last comments'. Further customisations included searches by field and alphabetically listed authors. Despite the project proving to be a true challenge for the Liferay team due to its high agile content and ever changing scope, Componence successfully completed SpringerPre within the deadline and budget, its dedicated employees in the Netherlands, India, and Ukraine working closely together with their Springer colleagues in Dordrecht, Heidelberg, and Berlin. Springer Science+Business Media was impressed by Componence' flexible attitude and the speed with which they developed SpringerPre, and have since decided to involve Componence in the further development of springer.com.