At the request of APS, Componence has created Onderwijs Anders NU, an innovation platform for education professionals, based on the Liferay Portal 6.1 Enterprise Edition.

APS - Onderwijs Anders

Leading education consultancy firm APS (National Centre for School Improvement) advises and supports tutors and education authorities, offering personalized solutions to schools, governments, and private parties. Based on their extensive experience and accumulated knowledge of effective learning strategies and education, APS provides consultancy-services, support, training, and evaluation assignments, nationwide as well as internationally.

Their core purpose is to develop helpful instruction methods for learners, tutors and school-boards, assisting their customers in designing best possible conditions for their ideal work- and learning-environment.

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APS is looking to develop an advanced themed website called Onderwijs Anders NU, offering an independent platform to professionals interested in innovative educational methods.

Onderwijs Anders NU should promote knowledge-sharing and cooperation, providing temporary ‘workplaces' which its users are free to develop and maintain. APS believes that a blend of an understandable infrastructure and a variety of social networking tools is vital for the success of this site.


Based on the Liferay Portal 6.1 Enterprise Edition, Componence has developed an independent community which offers required scalability and structure, providing an extensive package of standard functionalities, including highly adaptable social networking tools which meet the specific demands of APS. Componence finishes the project within the available time and budget limits, and the Liferay team continues to extend the social-networking structure with a number of customized-portlets. With these community-portlets users can create their own personalized workplace and can publish and discuss their innovative ideas, inviting the input of various education experts. Onderwijs Anders NU is a secure website and provides a wide range of functionalities for information- and knowledge-sharing. At the same time it supports real-time activities happening within the online community. APS plans to create even more opportunities for registering and maintaining topic-related events, as well as develop a new Liferay platform for the Pestweb website.