MN – PMT Digital

Componence successfully completes the migration of the PMT Digital Portal to Oracle WebCenter for MN, a Dutch pensions and investments provider.

MN – PMT Digitaal

MN is a leading authority in pensions and investments, providing corporate and personal financial solutions. With over sixty years of experience, MN has gained considerable knowledge about the Dutch pension system and is regarded a solid partner for pension funds and institutional clients. Whilst managing over seventy-billion euros in invested assets, MN is the largest pension administrator and asset manager in the Netherlands, with a thousand employees working hard to provide two million Dutch nationals with a comprehensible and affordable pension scheme.

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MN is currently the pension administrator for several large pension funds, such as the Pension Fund For Metalworkers (PMT). The PMT Digital Portal enables members of this fund to access their pension summary, edit their personal details and calculate their personal pension plan.

The PMT Digital Portal runs on Oracle webCenter, and MN aims to migrate this ADF Fusion application to a newer version of Oracle WebCenter as soon as possible.


Due to their extensive knowledge and experience in Oracle Webcenter Suite, Componence is selected as the ideal party to be of service to MN during this project. Componence's WebCenter team succeeds to migrate the PMT Digital Portal to Oracle WebCenter within a short period of time. The application's functionality remains the same after migration, only the standard Webcenter web-analysis is adjusted slightly. Further implementations include a customised PhaseListener and LoginCountFilter enabling MN with a clear view on site-traffic. This migration upgrades PMT Digital Portal to the latest technology, enabling MN to cater for the needs of the participants of the metalworkers pension fund, while the adjusted Oracle WebCenter Analytics functionality allows to react adequately to rapidly changing user behaviour. MN will continue to extend the PMT Digital portal functionality and is looking into the possibility of developing other portals.