Kluwer - Generic building blocks

Componence built PleinPlus, TaxLive and AMweb, three community sites for Kluwer providing the generic building blocks for their future platforms.

Kluwer Troika

Kluwer, the largest online publisher and information provider in The Netherlands, offers job-specific information to professionals in the fiscal, financial, legal, corporate and public sector through magazines, books, newsletters, e-studies, training and courses, as well as online databases, e-publishing, software, apps, portals and communities.

Working closely with authors and customers, Kluwer turns creative and innovative ideas into new products and tailored services, providing professionals with essential information, tools and solutions. Additionally, Kluwer provides access to professional platforms where job specific expertise is being gathered, shared and exchanged.
Kluwer is part of Wolters Kluwer, leading global provider of information services.

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Kluwer is continually looking to improve their services and information supply to professionals, and seeks to create three new community sites: PleinPLus, TaxLive and AMweb.

PleinPLus will need to accommodate twenty differently themed frameworks, providing news, information and tools relating to the advisory services of consultants to small and medium enterprises. TaxLive will be a new online community for tax consultants, which will distinguish itself through the availability of prime time news stories, parliamentary previews and high quality knowledge exchange, delivered by means of a discussion forum and online letters of opinion.
The renewed AMweb will act as a knowledge portal for professionals active within the financial services - from those working at intermediary offices to insurance executives.

Whilst developing PleinPlus, TaxLive and AMweb, Kluwer aims for a cost-efficient approach, combining standard functionalities with reusable customised solutions, to achieve ongoing cost reductions in future years.


Componence has built several Liferay Portal-based sites for Kluwer, amongst which kluwer.nl, a corporate portal, and Kluwer Campus, a site for students and tutors in higher and academic education. Due to its uniform, generic functionality Liferay Portal is, again, selected as preferred solution for PleinPLus, TaxLive and AMweb. Componence is supplier of Liferay Portal and will support Kluwer with the build of these three sites. In close cooperation with Kluwer, the Liferay specialists at Componence build three uniform platforms. Whilst making full use of Liferay Portal's standard functionalities, a set of recyclable components such as the AssetPublisher portlet, Web Form portlet and Kluwer Shop portlet, is created. Furthermore, Componence launches a demo site, providing a wide range of specific functionalities and configurable appearances, which can be used by the product owner for building a fully customised site. PleinPlus, TaxLive and AMweb are built adopting an iterative agile development methodology, allowing Kluwer to adjust previously made decisions during the implementation phase. Simultaneously, Componence builds different generic building blocks and sites, which requires full participation and involvement from Kluwer, successfully migrating all data. With the completion of the new sites, Kluwer not only provides first rate information to consultants, tax advisors and financial service providers, but also offers extensive possibilities for knowledge exchange and closer cooperation. The cost efficient generic building blocks used for the construction of PleinPlus, TaxLive and AMweb will be used as a template for the build of future sites, and the corresponding style manual will command uniformity of design and encourage reuse of available functionalities.