Europeana Professional Knowledge-Sharing Platform

Componence migrates Europeana's knowledge exchange platform to Liferay Portal 6.0 Community Edition as part of a huge reform of their website.


Europeana is a search portal enabling access to the digitised material of around 1500 museums, libraries, and archives in 32 European countries. Renowned cultural and scientific institutions such as the British Library, the Rijksmuseum, and the Louvre, as well as many smaller organisations throughout Europe, contribute their audio visual content.

Europeana provides a platform for knowledge transfer between professionals in the cultural heritage industry, allowing librarians, curators, and archivists to share information, knowledge, and advice on the ongoing digitisation of Europe's cultural and scientific legacy.

Europeana is administered by the Europeana Foundation which is housed in the Royal Library

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Europeana's knowledge transfer platform runs on the Liferay Portal Community Edition 5.2.3 which has limited functionality. The organisation is looking for a trusted and experienced party who is able to migrate the site to the Liferay Portal Community Edition 6.0. This migration should run parallel with a complete reform of the portal structure and user interface.

The new portal will have to provide professionals with extensive options for knowledge exchange and cooperation within the online projects (communities), while making full use of the standard Liferay Portal functionalities.


The Liferay experts at Componence have the knowledge and expertise for successfully migrating the existing platform to Liferay Portal Community Edition 6.0, integrating all webpages into one portal using a consistent navigation system (, and complete the implementation and layout by combining the extensive standard functionalities of Liferay Portal with various customised solutions as interactive breadcrumb, navigation for public and secure projects, and a customised web form. A new interface is built based on a design proposed by Europeana. For the documents library Componence develops a customised interface which gives access to documents through topic based filtering, and sorting by publication date. The user will be aware of the latest developments through up-to-date content and links with social media and the RSS feed. has been reformed into a flexible and user friendly platform, allowing more than thirty-thousand professionals in the cultural industry to work together on at least thirty projects. At the request of Europeana Componence also developed an intranet with a joint workspace enabling role-based interaction within the communities, and migrated and upgraded the Europeana Libraries site.