Bizzo is an online service-provider which represents a new way of doing business by introducing a unique platform for entrepreneurs of small-sized and medium-sized enterprises. Registered members of the organization are offered network opportunities on like sharing their knowledge on BizzForum, buying and selling their products on BizzStore, while interactive support is also provided through Bizzdesk.

Bizzo is no great advertising site, no site when it comes to many connections as possible, but an independent platform where entrepreneurs really work. It's a place where companies, products and services linked.

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Bizzo was looking for a competent and a well known service-oriented partner to adopt their current Liferay Portal project who should be able to carry the project forward to the next level of development.

There were some Urgent priorities given like enabling entrepreneurs to register as members, as well as the immediate implementation of some missing basic functionalities in order to meet some vital demands by various business partners. This was required a stable and manageable solution.

In the next phase of the project the main focus was on to implement some additional innovative tools based on the existing assets and Liferay functionalities already in place, which should result in considerable time-saving for all parties.


Componence delivered a rapid launch of and provided complete support for the maintenance of this innovative entrepreneur's platform. The dedicated Liferay team with the full knowledge and expertise handled the project and adopted the deviant and effective development methodology to full fill the challenge. has a distinct and technically challenging user-interface based on the Liferay Portal service layer. Componence managed to make effective use of the many standard functionalities of the Liferay portal, customizing those functionalities as per the requirements and successfully linked the entrepreneur's platform to Exact, Bizzo's administrative package. has emerged as an innovative startup, continually encouraging entrepreneurs to establish new business opportunities. Whilst Bizzo's confidence in Liferay Portal has been restored, Componence has proven themselves as the preferred partner for the further development of the entrepreneur's platform.