APS Portal

APS Portal is a corporate gateway based on the Liferay Portal 6.1 Enterprise Edition, built by Componence for leading education consultancy firm APS.


APS (National Centre for School Improvement) is a Leading education consultancy firm which advises and supports education professionals and authorities. APS offers customized solutions to schools, governments and private parties, both in The Netherlands and internationally.

APS provides consultancy services, support, training and research, based on their extensive experience and accumulated knowledge of effective learning and tuition strategies, developing their theories while reflecting the current school practice.

APS also offers concepts and practical theories about education, general didactics and management, leading to powerful learning methods. APS also conducts research providing new insights about the process of learning and teaching, and managing educational organizations.

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Currently APS is running their all web based activities on multiple technical systems and platforms. APS wanted to migrate all these multiple systems into one central portal with improving efficiency in maintenance and structure.APS also wanted to improve their online services to schools and educational organizations, including social networking tools.

For these, APS was looking for a cost-efficient solution and wanted to use the customization functionality of the new portal for both the existing sites, which are yet to be migrated, and the new sites.


APS already owns Onderwijs Anders NU, an innovation platform developed by Componence based on Liferay Portal 6.1 Enterprise Edition. APS is extremely satisfied with its versatility and flexible functionalities and decides to opt this solution again. Componence completed the project within the available timeframe and budget. The experienced Liferay team supplements the standard functionalities of Liferay Portal with several customized solutions such as a shop, a variety of portlets for related content and a specific structure for categories and topics. The brand new APS corporate portal is now running on a flexible well-structured platform, providing extensive options for social networking and personalized content, meeting today's demands, while the desired (cost) efficiency has been achieved by simplicity of maintenance and the reuse of customized functionalities. After the rollout of the portal, APS trainers and consultants will continue to work together with Componence Liferay team, enabling the development of further innovative solutions based on Liferay Portal.